Garden in your Gutters

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Everyone is out enjoying the Sun and having fun, but don’t forget to protect your home, as the Sun is wonderful, but having a garden growing in your gutters is not a good look and can cause heaps of damage. If you didn’t have your gutters cleaned after the winter months, then your gutters will have accumulated lots of unwanted debris, including a build up of leaves and seeds, just waiting to grow in your gutters.

You may think whats the harm, but the sight of plants and grass growing in your gutters means you have a problem and your gutters are blocked. If you leave the plants to grow all summer, the winter months are likely to cause damage to your home as rainwater cannot run freely down the drainpipes; this will create an overflow of water running down your exterior walls. It won’t be long before damp seeps in to your home, including all the other elements that come with damp, as it begins to develop without you knowing.


Have your gutters cleaned now, if you didn’t have them cleaned after the winter months.  Your gutters can last for years and years if you keep them well maintained, and they are part of your home. Remember damage to your gutters is damage to your home and if left unkept damage will spread into your home, roof, foundations and can become very costly on your pocket.

How often should you clean your gutters?

That depends on where you live, farm, mountains, town or the City. Once a year after the summer months is normally top notch maintenance for your gutters. Don’t leave it more than 2 years, unless you do clearing of the gutters at regular interval yourself.

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