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Gutter Cleaning by Hand Blackburn

Gutter Cleaning by Hand Why We do it in Blackburn!

Your roof is designed to handle 40-60 mph winds without serious effects. But what about using a leaf blower? They typically produce a sustained air-flow (wind) in the 180-200 mph range. This can cause shingles and tiles to loosen or even lift them off and will loosen the attachments of your gutters and downspouts to your fascia boards and roof. These are costly, but easily avoidable, repairs. Never let anyone clean your gutters with a leaf blower! WFC Window Cleaners will never use a leaf blower on your roof. It’s never faster, it’s never easier and it’s never right to do it.

Power Washers Cause Damage
Normal home water pressure service is around 50 psi and at the end of a garden hose it is even lower. Rain falling on your roof is even less. So why would anyone try to ‘clean’ a gutter with a pressure washer that forces water (usually hot water) at up 2,000 psi to blow all those leafs, weeds and gunk everywhere and potentially damage your gutters and roof. The high pressure water can loosen and weaken the attachments of the gutter to the fascia board and your roof causing it to wear out prematurely or, in really bad examples, fall off completely.

Environmentally Friendly Blackburn Gutter Cleaning
Taking the time to clean your gutters and downspouts the proper way, by hand, the way they were designed is the most environmentally friendly way to do the job. WFC Gutter Cleaners believe that when we do a gutter cleaning service it should look like we were never there. The same goes for our environmental foot-print; we work hard to minimize any waste that goes to landfills and any excess carbon, noise or water use that is minimally required to do the job.

We are fully insured with public liability insurance up to £5m. So you can be rest assured and have piece of mind that we operate to the highest health and safety standards.

*Three Months Guarantee*

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