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Leaves and other debris can get deposited in your gutter and prevent the efficient flow of rainwater. Regularly maintaining your gutters gives them a longer life and reduces the risk of blockages. If you leave your gutters blocked it can cause severe damage. If blocked water is not removed, it could break your gutter and weaken the façade and the foundations.

If you like to do things yourself here are some methods you can use

Gutter Unblocking Tools

You will need gloves, a ladder, a bucket, a trowel and a water jet or you can choose to use a gutter cleaning kit consisting of specific tools to do the job in hand.

Some alternative tools you could use

  • Cylindrical brushes to scrape the inside of the pipes
  • Pliers with a handle
  • Gutter cleaner, brushes and scrapers that can be attached to a handle and used from the ground

How to unblock your gutter process

  • Remove the leaves from the gutter
  • Stand the ladder up against the brickwork making sure it is safe
  • Clear the gutter of the residue using the trowel to unstick the leaves or mud

Unblock the downpipe

  • You can try to run pressure water through the pipe
  • Unravel the hose allowing enough room for movement and reach
  • If needed dismantle the downpipe and clean it by hand. Take off the bends which is where the blockages usually take place and clean them with your tools
  • Alternative solution would be to use a plumber’s snake with a flexible tube allowing you to drill through the blockage. Be sure to get he right size for your gutter

After cleaning your gutter

Check the general state of the gutter to see if you find any problems

  • Leaks or cracks in the gutter
  • Broken fascia brackets
  • Faulty connecting joints
  • Tighten any screws
  • If  the repairs are too complicated it may be an idea to get in a professional

Gutters with minor repairs

If you notice a leak in your gutter try to identify the cause. A leak at a join can simply come from a gap in the drain. Fix it together again however, if the join is faulty the process can become more complicated. You may have to purchase a new connecting union and re attach the two lengths of gutter.

If your gutter has a hole the repair will be a delicate process. It all depends on the size of the hole. It is possible to find some hard wearing patches in stores allowing you to seal the hole or the crack. Or you can use a filler to fill in the crack or hole but if the hole is too big you will have to put a glass fibreglass framework with two layers of filler. These solutions are only temporary and you will have to replace the damaged piece as soon as possible.

Avoid the blocking of your gutter

To avoid your gutter from getting blocked too often, you can use a grating or brush leaf guard to ensure leaves don’t block the channel. This will stop leaves from entering the downpipe.


Ensure that it is at a reasonable distance from the wall in order to be stable. You can also buy an extension to put at the top of the ladder that will allow you enough distance to work comfortably.  Use a stabiliser leg to ensure the stability of your ladder on an uneven surface.

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